Assorted Projects-  Lower Mainland

‚ÄčAddition to the Murray Hotel- 20 Story Residential High-Rise

Location:  1133 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC                    

Owner: Kenstone Properties                                                                 

Excavation Foot Print: 150ft x 110ft x 45ft deep                     

Constructed:June 2015- September 2015                 

Residential Emergency Repair-  Installed temporary safety measures in order to repair and shotcrete stamp a decorative finish on an existing retaining wall.

Location:  5118 Redonda Dr., North Vancouver, BC                   

Owner: Paul Chapman                                                                 

Excavation Foot Print: 70ft long x 23ft tall                 

Constructed:November 2014- January 2015               

Residential -Installed permanent shotcrete shoring and micro-piles for slope protection and backyard deck footings, utilizing a 110 ton crane and specialty drilling equipment.

Location:  13108 13th Ave., White Rock, BC                    

Owner:Alec Pont                                                                  

Excavation Foot Print: 70ft long x 30ft tall                       

Constructed: December 2015- January 2016              

Shoring Requirements:

  • 3,000 square ft of Shotcrete
  • 1,000 lineal ft of R-38 Spiles
  • 10 piece of Raker Struts

Shoring Requirements:

  • 1,600 square ft of Shotcrete
  • 820 lineal ft of Permanent Tieback Anchors
  • 260 lineal ft of R-32 Permanent Micro-Piles

Shoring Requirements:

  • 21,000 square ft of Shotcrete
  • 3,100 square ft of Underpinning
  • 21,500 lineal ft of Soil Tieback Anchors

Shoring Requirements:

  • 700 lineal ft 6-5/8 Pipe-Pile
  • 19,000 square ft of Shotcrete
  • 2,700 square ft of Underpinning
  • 12,000 lineal ft of Soil Tieback Anchors

"Where Hi-Regard, Hi-Quality & Hi-Safety Standards Intersect"

Shoring Requirements:

  • 35,000 square ft of Shotcrete
  • 28,500 lineal ft of Soil Tieback Anchors

Shoring Requirements:

  • 1,600 square ft of Shotcrete
  • 620 square ft of Underpinning
  • 1,600 square ft of Stamped Decorative Shotcrete
  • 644 lineal ft of R-32 Tieback Anchors

The Crown - 26 Story Residential High-Rise

Location: 520 Como Lake Ave., Coquitlam, BC                    

Owner: Beedie Development Group                                        

Excavation Foot Print: 200ft x 120ft x 50ft deep           

Constructed: May 2015 - October 2015                        

The Met 2-  43 Story Residential High-Rise

Location:  6550 Nelson Ave., Burnaby, BC                  

Owner: Concord Pacific                                                             

Excavation Foot Print: 295ft x 230ft x 50ft deep                   

Constructed:November 2014- March 2015           

Residential Non-Encroachment Shoring System- Installed shotcrete, R-38 spiles, and raker struts c/w grade beam footing due to no encroachment of construction on neighboring property.

Location:  Marlowe Pl., West Vancouver, BC                   


Excavation Foot Print:  100ft long x 30ft tall            

Constructed: December 2015- January 2016