General Superintendent

Kevin’s roots, being from Alberta, come with extensive experience in the oil fields. He began his work in the shotcrete shoring industry in 1989 when he moved to British Columbia. His vast experience and knowledge has proven to be an asset to the industry, including: overburden drilling, micro-piling, underpinning, tunneling, road building, and the constructing of deep foundations, retaining walls, structural and decorative shotcrete. Kevin’s hands-on and mechanical experience in the field allows him to execute and lead each project with precision.

  The Hi-Tide Team

Our Mission Statement:

To construct healthy relationships and environments through integrity, quality, and attention to safety.



​​Tim started his career in Alberta as well, working with Dywidag Systems International for several years. He moved to British Columbia and into the shotcrete shoring industry in 1995. Tim brings a wealth of information and hands-on experience in the field with regards to all facets of the shotcrete shoring, underpinning, and micro-piling industry. His on-site coordination with clientele and fellow tradesmen allow for safe and effective operations in the field.

 "Where Hi-Regard, Hi-Quality & Hi-Safety Standards Intersect"


  • CLAC Certificates- Level 1 First Aid

  • B.C. Workplace Emergency First Aid OFA Level 1 Equivalent

  • WCB Insured

The Brothers: (left to right) Tim, Ken, and Kevin Jessamine

Our Story...

In 2012 our company was established as Hi-Tide Shoring & Foundations (2012) Ltd., with Ken as the principal and his brothers Kevin and Tim as the supervisors of field operations. With the dedication and experience of these brothers and their team, Hi-Tide has continued to develop and thrive as a shoring and foundations company for the last decade. 

The Hi-Tide team is committed to the growth and reputation of the company; they are determined to provide reliable, competitive and productive shotcrete shoring and anchoring services throughout the Lower Mainland and British Columbia. 

Our motto, “Where Hi-Regard, Hi-Quality & Hi-Safety Standards Intersect,” stems from the ownership of each employee striving to incorporate these values daily. As a result, we are proud to be your first choice to facilitate all your shotcrete shoring and anchoring needs!



Ken brings over 40 years of experience in completing all styles of heavy duty construction, including: oil rig work, drilling and blasting, pipe-lining, truck driving, shotcrete shoring and soil anchoring. Within this industry, he has been an Anchor and Drilling Technician, Blaster, Specialized Driller, Foreman, Superintendent, Safety Coordinator, Project Manager, and Chief Estimator. Today, his projects mostly consist of shoring and geotechnical permanent foundation works including decorative and stamped shotcrete. Ken's advanced, hands-on, technical knowledge and leadership skills ensure the continued success of this productive Hi-Tide team of over 20 employees.​​


Estimator/ Project Coordinator

Mike has background experience in the electronics technology field, along with 15 years experience as an exploration geotech for the mining industry.  In the year 2000, he began his shotcrete shoring career working in the field, but quickly advancing himself into the office as an Estimator and Project Coordinator. His knowledge and proficiency are of great value to Hi-Tide’s management team.

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