A year later, Ken sold Hi-Tide Shoring & Foundations to Tyam Construction Ltd., thus beginning a new leg of his journey. With this newly formed partnership, Ken and Tyam Construction Ltd. created a separate company called Tyam Excavation & Shoring Ltd., which provided a full service of excavation, shotcrete shoring and anchoring throughout the province of British Columbia. In 2011, due to unfortunate circumstances, Tyam was forced to shut down the company Tyam Construction Ltd.  At this time, Ken was affected, and had to make quick action to maintain his vision of being a company owner; with a new partnership, he managed to continue the journey with the name of Tyam Excavation & Shoring Ltd. However, he immediately realized that the new partnership was incompatible, and discharged himself from Tyam Excavation & Shoring Ltd. as a director and partner in November 2012.

         Ken, still on his quest of being a business owner, re-established Hi-Tide Shoring & Foundations (2012) Ltd. as the sole principal owner with his brothers Kevin & Tim supervising the field operations.

       With this fresh start, Ken's continual determination to provide a reliable, competitive, knowledgeable and  productive Shotcrete shoring and anchoring service company still exists and is providing professional shoring  works throughout  the Lower Mainland, and across British Columbia.

"Where Hi-Regard, Hi-Quality & Hi-Safety Standards Intersect"